Can you read 154 pages in three minutes?

Can you read 154 pages in under 3 minutes?

If this article is true, the United States Senate is full of mindless degenerates. The article from CNS News states that Senators received the 154 page bill at 1:36am on January 1st, just three minutes before voting.

How can someone read, digest, and make an informed decision in just three minutes? They don’t.

What we have here are a group of people who received nothing but orders and talking points from their respective leadership, concerned more with gaining favor than doing the right thing for the country. I’d like to see the media take to task each of the 89 Senators who voted yes, but I don’t see that happening. After all, how many in the mainstream media would want to ruffle the feathers of the liberals they admire so much?

Will members of Congress read the forthcoming Immigration or gunn control bills? I’d like to believe they would, but I wouldn’t count on it.