Barack Obama: What does 2012 hold?

president Barack hussein Obama
Barack Obama and the liberals are after freedom and money

We’re less than two days away from the beginning of 2013. What will we have to look forward to in the new year? Here are a few guesses:

* Barack Obama and friends will try to ban all semi-automatic weapons, but will end up with a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips after a handful of Republicans cave to pressure from liberals.

* Some version of the Dream Act will pass as a compromise after a more comprehensive immigration bill fails to gain traction. Again, this will pass thanks to a handful of Republicans who will sell out because they think that passing such a bill will make Hispanic voters like them.

* Nothing of note will happen in regards to the deficit. Sure, there might be “savings” that are touted, but by and large, the plans will be smoke and mirrors. In order to truly address the situation, Social Security and Medicare need to be addressed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of politicians

* Income taxes will rise on “the rich,” whoever that is. Let’s add these taxes to the coming Obamacare taxes, along with rising inflation. Hold onto you’re wallet!

So, to summarize, we’ll continue to rack up debt, more of our income will be taken away, honest people will be prevented from buying guns, but those who break the law and come here illegally will be welcomed with open arms. Welcome to 2013!