A gun didn’t kill Chris Lane, 3 degenerates did

Chris Lane
Chris Lane

Liberals never miss the opportunity to use a tragedy to advance one of their pet causes. An article in the Huffington Post has blamed the easy availability of guns for the shooting death of Australian baseball player Chris Lane. This is absolutely incorrect. The gun didn’t kill Chris Lane, James Edwards, Chancey Luna, and Michael Jones, were what killed Chris Lane.

I’m not sure if any of the liberals noticed, but 88 year-old WWII veteran Delbert Belton was murdered by two teens who beat him to death with flashlights. Are we going to ban flashlights next? If we ban cars, couldn’t we end vehicular homicides? Here’s another idea: Let’s only eat soup and soft foods so we can get rid of knives too! A liberal would say this line of thinking is ridiculous, but it makes perfect sense. Nearly anything could be used to kill someone!

While we’re demonizing inanimate objects, there’s another question I haven’t seen answered. How did the murderers get the gun? They couldn’t buy it legally, so was it taken from home, bought illegally, or stolen? At any rate, they would be at fault for breaking more laws. If we passed more laws, wouldn’t they just break those too?

Some have argued that we should have a national law requiring background checks. If the gun was stolen, it would have placed a burden on the owner, but wouldn’t have prevented the shooting. The three teens are to blame, although, I’m also willing to bet that any family who spawned them is equally bad. But in a society where personal responsibility is barely given lip service, something or someone else always needs to be blamed rather than taking responsibility.

I’m convinced that the majority of liberals yearn for some utopian ideal where no one can legally purchase a gun. There would be no hunting, target shooting, or self-defense. The only people allowed to have guns would be the police, military, and of course, the criminals, because they don’t follow the law.

Of course, there would probably be followed by an end to Major League Baseball, do to the likely increase in the number of murders committed with baseball bats.