A look at the unpopular hate crimes

Christopher Lane
Christopher Lane

Today, I read an interesting article by John McWhorter in Time Magazine. in it, Mr. McWhorter addresses the murder of Chris Lane, a white Australian college student who was allegedly murdered by three teens, including a black triggerman who says he doesn’t like white people.

McWhorter points out some uncomfortable truths that many in the mainstream (and nonmainstream) media are afraid to address. Namely, that black men commit 50% of the murders in the United States, and are 14 times more likely to commit a murder than a white man. These are uncomfortable, but true facts that are rarely mentioned, and usually garner criticism when they are. I’m glad (and surprised) Time published the article, but I also wonder if it would have been published by a white author.

At any rate, I decided to check out some statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Census Bureau. Here are some interesting facts I found, along with links to the appropriate site, so you can corroborate the information.

* The U.S. population is 77.9% white and 13.1% black, yet 48.2% of murders are committed by black assailants and 47.4% are committed by whites.

* One out of every fourteen people killed by a white person is black, while one out of every 5 people killed by a black person is white.

* 91% of all black murder victims were killed by another black person.

Why is it that we hear about murders involving a black victim and a non black offender, but hardly ever hear about the more common white victim and black offender? Or, how about the overwhelming number of murders where both the victim and offender are black? My guess is that the latter two don’t fit into the liberal story lines of racism and oppression that the media likes to as a backdrop for such stories.

The murder of Trayvon Martin was a perfect case. Take a black “victim,” who was really a thug in training, then take the fair-skinned Hispanic man who shot him and pretend he is white. Ignore the “victim’s” love of fighting, embrace of the thug culture, and that fact that he started the physical altercation. Next, ignore the fact that Zimmerman, the fake white man, needed to defend himself, and place all the blame on him. Then, try everything in your powers to make Zimmerman look like a racist, even though there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate that claim. What do you have? The perfect story for the 6 o’clock news!

With the Chris Lane murder, you have a true victim who did nothing wrong. You have three teens, who from all appearances, were scum. From some news accounts, there are links to gangs, and at least one Tweet from the triggerman talking about how much he hates white people. I’m waiting for a speech from Barack Obama, the pursuit of a hate crime investigation by Eric Holder, or visits from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. To date, none have happened, and I’m fairly certain none will.

This is an article I wouldn’t have written if Chris Lane’s murder hadn’t happened so soon after the Trayvon Martin verdict. The lies perpetrated by the media and race-baiters are still fresh in my mind, and the racism they so diligently tried to fabricate is on display for all to see in the Chris Lane case. Americans need to realize they are being played by the media and liberals in order to advance their agenda. Do your own research, and don’t let yourself be a pawn in their game.