Oh crap, there are two more

George P. Bush Jeb Bush
George P. Bush and Jeb Bush

We had George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. I was okay with GHWB, but GWB annoyed me because he was a big government conservative. Those types are almost as bad as the big government liberals, but that’s an article for another day.

What has been bothering me lately are all the articles building up former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a Presidential candidate in 2014, and George P. Bush as the heir apparent one day…after he wins his first election. Question: When did the Unites States become a monarchy?

GHWB rode Ronald Reagan’s coattails into the White House, and GWB used “Compassionate Conservatism” to package himself as a kinder, gentler Republican. Now, let’s fast forward into the future, where the mainstream media almost seems to be pushing Jeb Bush as the presumptive Republican nominee.

I almost consider Bush a Trojan Horse being pushed by the mainstream media. The plan? Push the RINO to give him an edge in the primaries (against the real conservatives), then watch him fall apart as true conservatives fail to get excited about a fraud who thinks amnesty is a great thing.

As for George P. Bush, he hasn’t won anything, and as far as I know, has done nothing of note. Of course, his last name is Bush and he’s half Hispanic, so that’s more than enough to make the establishment swoon.

As I write this, there are phenomenal limited government candidates who will never be heard from in the media due to having the wrong name. Let’s hope the seat in the Oval Office remains a chair and never morphs into a throne.