So, a black police officer is a cracka?

Rachel Jeantel
The scholarly Rachel Jeantel

I’m not sure if Rachel Jeantel is more dishonest, or stupid. Here’s a little excerpt that describes Ms. jeantel’s vocabulary:

While Jeantel said she was upset by the juror’s comments, she agreed that the “cracka” term wasn’t offensive. She said it referred to a person who’s like a police officer or a security guard. And she added that Trayvon might have feared that Zimmerman was a rapist.

So, the term “cracka” isn’t a racist term used for whites, it’s actually a term used for police officers and security guards. That means a very dark-skinned, black police officer is a cracka. Is that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? It certainly ranks near the top of my list.

Here’s a good question: Would Trayvon Martin have attacked a Zimmerman if he were black? I don’t think so. By using the term cracka, my guess is that Trayvon Martin was the racist, not George Zimmerman.