A transgendered 5 Year-old girl?

Kathryn Tyler Transgender
Kathryn aka Tyler

I just read a story about a 6 year-old girl who has been living as a male since she was 5. I don’t see anything wrong with parents being supportive of a child’s decision to embrace a nontraditional gender identity, but I do when that child is just 5 years-old.

In the U.S., a child can’t vote, drive, consume alcohol, quit school, or be held liable for a contract unless they are between 16 and 21. In this case, a child is being allowed to make a life-altering decision without having the proper perspective or cognitive abilities needed to fully understand the ramifications. Again, if this were a child in their mid to late teens, I could understand the parents support and assistance. When that child is only 5, I feel it borders on child abuse.

Could it be that her interest in things stereotypically associated with boys means she is a Tomboy, and not necessarily a boy?