Eric Cantor is wrong on immigration

Eric Cantor
E tu, Eric Cantor?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve lost another one. The latest Republican to drink the immigration Kool-Aid is none other than Congressman Eric Cantor.

Cantor is now pushing a scaled-down version of the Democrat’s Dream Act. Cantor feels that “a good place to start is with the kids.”. I disagree. The Dream Act is nothing but an amnesty bill that targets one age demographic. Do we start with the kids, then have the Senior Act for the elderly? Then the middle-aged act, then finally the everyone else act?

Some will say these children have done nothing wrong, but the fact of the matter is that their legalization will reward their law-breaking parents and encourage others to do the same thing. It will also be quite expensive for taxpayers.

Republicans seem to be getting antsy when it comes to immigration. If they really want to pass a bill, they can start with these suggestions:

* Make it a felony to enter the U.S. illegally.

* Speed up the deportation process.

* Build a wall across the southern border and hire more border patrol agents.

* Pass e-verify.

* Make English the official language.

* Put an end to anchor babies gaining citizenship.

* freeze all immigration for 5 years to allow assimilation to occur. After that, peg the amount of immigrants allowed in to the unemployment rate.

This is the bill the country needs. I don’t think there are many Republicans left who have the testicular fortitude to support it, but it would definitely be the right direction.