Jeb Bush should stop the charade and become a Democrat

Jeb Bush
Former Governor, and current idiot, Jeb Bush

One of the perks of being a Governor is the ability to occasionally appoint judges of a similar ideological slant. At the Presidential level especially, these selections can far outlive one’s term, while their decisions can leave a lasting legacy. I guess former Florida Governor Jeb Bush never figured that out.

After seeing the debacle that the George Zimmerman case has devolved into, I found out that Judge Debra Nelson, a Democrat, was appointed by Republican Jeb Bush. Instead of putting a like-minded conservative on the court, he chose Debra Nelson. The choice might not have been that bad if she were fair, but from observing the trial, she seems far from it.

Some people, especially wispy-washy establishment Republican, would defend Bush’s choice for being bipartisan. I just think it was inane. I’m tired of see Republicans trying to gain brownie points with liberals by buckling on important issues, like amnesty for illegal aliens, which Bush also supports.

The idea of Jeb Bush running for President makes me cringe. His Presidency would not only be bad for the country, it would be terrible for the Republican Party.