Will the United States break another law?

Sphinx Egypt
Listen to the Sphinx. Stop foreign aid!

Once in a while, I agree with John McCain. Our latest point of agreement is the potential end of foreign aid to Egypt, since the Democratically elected President was ousted in a military coup.

I don’t believe we should be giving foreign aid to any country, so I admit that I am a bit biased. In this situation, even supporters should agree to withdrawing foreign aid, since an elected leader was over-thrown. Of course, this requires common sense, which is in short supply in Washington.

The Muslim Brotherhood appeared to be doing a lousy job, but does that mean the military should be allowed to cancel then Constitution, jail an elected leader, then suppress public debate, all at their own whim? Egyptians have a long, treacherous road ahead of them, and we shouldn’t be contributing financially to this questionable behavior.