More than half of all American adults don’t work full-time

No work allowed
Wo needs to work?

Only 47% of adult Americans have a full-time job. That’s rather pathetic. If you look at the numbers without thoughtful consideration, you might chalk it up solely to a poor economy. I think there’s more to it.

Over the past decade or so, under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, entitlement spending has grown. Food stamp reliance has increased, the Earned Income Credit has rose (little work needed to qualify), and let’s not forget goodies like free cell phones. These are just a few examples of government largess that have caused Americans to gradually shift from self-reliance to dependence. It’s causing a seismic shift in American culture that damages the ethic upon which the country was built, and caused it to thrive for more than two centuries.

Statists would chalk these changes up to a poor economy, blame the previous administration, then continue to dole out presents that will help them gain the votes needed to guarantee and increase their already sizable power.

To stop this slip, America needs a revolution of ideas. We need to encourage a strong work ethic, stigmatize laziness and dependence, and most importantly, transfer power from bureaucrats and politicians back to citizens. Unfortunately, the great deal of apathy and sheer number of uninformed voters make me pessimistic about ever improving the state of our nation.