Pepsi may cause cancer…if you drink 1,000 cans each day


It really bothers me when empty-headed politicians pass laws based on scientific data that is dubious, at best. The latest example of this ignorance comes from the great state of California. A law was passed requiring beverages containing a certain amount of the chemical 4-methylimidazole to have a label telling consumers that it contains a known carcinogen.

This law affected mainly Coke and Pepsi products. Coke made changes to avoid the label, but so far, Pepsi has not. As a Pepsi drinker, I will continue to consume the beverage, since I have a certain amount of common sense that California politicians seem to lack.

The law in question was based on the results of one study that was performed on mice, and they were given amounts of 4-methylimidazole that a human could only reach by consuming one thousand cans of Pepsi per day! Will someone please enroll these people in research 101?

Since I only consume the equivalent of 1 or 2 cans per day, I feel pretty safe drinking Pepsi.