Yet another Aaron Hernandez incident…

Aaron Hernandez
New bracelets for Aaron Hernandez

It seems like every time I read a headline about former Patriot Aaron Hernandez, there’s yet another crime he was linked to. This one involves an incident where he punched a bouncer in the head while he was a freshman in college. Hernandez was 17 at the time, and the blow broke the bouncer’s ear drum.

To add another twist to the story, Hernandez’s former teammate Tim Tebow (The Anti-Hernandez) was there to smooth things over.

From what I’ve seen, universities and NFL teams put potential draft choices under a microscope. I find it hard to believe the New England Patriots didn’t see major red flags when they looked into Hernandez’s background. Are a few extra wins really worth all the distractions and problems created by the Aaron Hernandez’s of the world?