Chuck Schumer should “pay the price”

New York Senator Chuck Schumer
NewYork Senator Chuck Schumer

“They should pay a price, either diplomatic, economic, geopolitical, for doing what they did. They’re always putting their finger in our eye,” said Schumer on “Fox News Sunday,” arguing for repercussions against Russia.

I wonder if Chuck Schumer thinks anyone should, “pay a price” for violating the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Schumer and his liberal buddies have already trampled all over the 10th Amendment, and are trying their best to weaken the 2nd Amendment. I guess they figured they would try targeting another one for a change.

Edward Snowden is not a criminal. He is a hero. The powers that be aren’t concerned that National Security has been compromised, they are upset that their questionable, unconstitutional behavior has been discovered

As far as talk of Russia “paying a price,” this isn’t constructive. Although, it is sad that another country has to protect a U.S. citizen who is attempting to alert his fellow Americans about how sneaky and underhanded the government has become. Mr. Schumer and like-minded politicians should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps apologists like Charles Schumer should “pay the price” by being defeated in the next election.