The statists cry and lie over guns

Supporters of the 2nd Amendment had a big victory yesterday when the latest gun control legislation failed to receive enough votes. The only disappointment is that more Senators didn’t support individual liberty.

After the vote, statistic were falling over themselves , looking for ways to describe their anger and disappointment. One of my favorites was Michael Bloomberg:

“The world isn’t perfect, you’re either in favor of continuing the killing and the tragedies or you’re not,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg said “children lost” because of Wednesday’s vote and added: “They’re going to die.”

A bit dramatic, don’t you think?

I’m trying to figure out how adding regulations and red-tape will save the lives of children. How will forcing honest citizens to jump through legal hoops “continue the killings?” Criminals will continue to get guns in the same number they do now, with or without passage of yesterday’s defeated law. Our Bloomberg and his comrades really foolish enough to believe that the friendly neighborhood mugger is buying his guns at gun shows? I don’t think so.

If politicians really want to save lives, they need to lock up criminals for a long time, and allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves with weapons. After a while, I i guarantee criminals will begin to get the message, and those who don’t will be locked up or dead.