The Food Stamp President continues to wreak havoc

Food Stamp President
The Food Stamp President

Barack “The Food Stamp President” Obama is doing a phenomenal job of running the economy into the ground, and allowing more and more citizens to become dependent on the government. When Obama became President, almost 32 million people were on food stamps. Less than 4 years later, almost 47 million people receive food stamps. To put it into further perspective, over 11,000 people are added to the food stamp roles each day.

Think about this: Nearly 1 out of 6 Americans receives food stamps. Now let’s add in welfare benefits, Section 8 housing, disability, free healthcare, Obama phones, and all the goodies passed out at the local level, which are at least partially funded by the federal government. At this rate, there are fewer and fewer people actually supporting themselves, and more and more people heading to the local government office in search of a handout. This is unsustainable.

At some point, the you-know-what is going to hit the fan. The questions are when it will happen, how much damage will be inflicted on the economy, and how much damaged the Nation’s work ethic will have become. This last question in particular can’t be stressed enough.