The deficit: 10 years or bust

John Boehner
John Boehner

It’s pretty pathetic when you need 10 years to balance the federal budget. It’s even worse when Democrats probably won’t support it, since they don’t care one iota about spending more than they can afford. Think about it: Under the best circumstances, it will take 10 years just to balance the budget. That doesn’t even include touching the National Debt.

Barack Obama will get another short-term increase in the debt limit, which will likely be followed by more small increases. At each step, Republicans will complain, but still be complicit in the Nation’s fiscal fall. There will be grumbling and threats, but nothing will change. It will be business as usual.

What we need are people with big ideas who are willing to go against the established ways of doing things. Unfortunately, our leaders tend to come from that very establishment. Barring a strong grass roots movement, I fear that economic calamity will be the only thing that will change our destructive spending habits.