Look out for comprehensive immigration reform

Presidente Barack Obama
Signore Barack Obama

With debates over the fiscal cliff legislation, and gun control and the debt ceiling on the horizon, some may lose sight of one of the most important issues facing Congress: Comprehensive immigration reform.

Comprehensive immigration reform is anything but comprehensive. Don’t look for mass deportations of illegal aliens, more border patrol agents, a wall along the southern border, or criminalizing those who are here illegally. Democrats won’t be looking for any of those things. Instead, they will make at least 11 million law-breaking illegal aliens legal residents, who will have a path to citizenship. Supporters will say it isn’t amnesty since there will be fines and back taxes due, but how do you get money from people who tend to be poor? How do you know how much tax money is owed? My guess is that most of this money will never be repaid.

For Democrats, they will gain millions of supporters, who will then petition the government to have relatives brought over, who will also tend to vote for Democrats. Did I mention that the number of visas handed out annually will also increase, along with the creation of a guest worker program?

For those who complain, supporters will point out that criminals will be deported, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t be all the criminals. How much would a few deportations mean when millions of law breakers are allowed to stay as a gift for evading our nation’s laws?

The sad part is that comprehensive immigration reform will pass. it is overwhelmingly supported by Democrats, and several Republicans, such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio will be complicit in helping Democrats assist millions of people who should be categorized as criminals.

Once it passes, members of the Republican Party who supported this bill will talk about how it is necessary to gain the growing Hispanic vote. What they won’t say is that supporting this won’t make a difference in respect to the electorate. You also won’t hear about how happy corporate America will be to have more cheap labor flood the market. At the expense of your job, of course.

Thank you signore Obama!