Barack Obama on Mt. Rushmore?

Mt Rushmore
Barack Obama on Mt. Rushmore?

If you have ever doubted just how big a fool Al Sharpton is, then you need to check out his latest idea. He seems to think Barack Obama should be added to Mt. Rushmore, along with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.

Here are Al’s reasons for wanting to bestow such an honor on the nation’s 44th best President:

And he stopped two wars and the whole question of finance reform on Wall Street and health care. I mean, he has done some concrete things. I can, again, the reason I raised Teddy Roosevelt is that a lot of people could say that Teddy Roosevelt was more of a character than a transformative president. I can name, literally, things that President Obama has done. Now, I’m going to say that if Teddy Roosevelt is the measure, I think it strengthens the case for President Obama.

Could someone tell Al Sharpton that we still have thousands of troops in Iraq, and tens of thousands in Afghanistan? As for Obamacare, it has extended health coverage to people who should have obtained it on their own by placing financial burdens on those who work and take care of themselves. Yes, what a wonderful legacy to leave!

In the same interview, Abby Huntsman adds that, “Obama was the first black president. That is something that will always be remembered.” Well, I’m not so sure. Is he the first black President, or the 44th white President? Should we then add the first female President, the first Catholic President (John F. Kennedy), the first Jewish President, etc.?

Here’s a great idea: if anyone else is ever added to Mount Rushmore, let it be a truly great President, not someone who can’t even hold a candle to Jimmy Carter!