Barack Obama doesn’t want you to hurt burglars

Barack Obama
Barack Obama, friend of burglars

If you’re not too worried about how much damage Barack Obama will inflict on the 2nd Amendment, you need to read about his opinion on guns before being elected President. Not only did Obama vote against a bill that would allow people to use a gun to protect themselves in their own home, but in 1996 he said he would support a ban on handguns.

I’m opposed to further gun control, Obama’s stance is troubling. I find it hard to believe that those opinions have changed. Instead, I think he has moderated his true opinions in order to gain support. This wouldn’t be surprising, since he isn’t seem like the most honest person, at least to me.

How can you negotiate on gun control with a man who thinks it’s wrong to protect your family in your own home, while a burglar breaks in? In so many ways, and at so many times, Obama has shown that he cares more about criminals than honest, hard-working Americans. This is just the latest example.