Welfare recipients tipping strippers on the public’s dime

stripper pole
Next, maybe tax payers can subsidize hom stripper poles.

I just read a shocking article it the New York Post. It appears that welfare recipients are accessing their benefits from ATM machines located in strip clubs and bars. Imagine that, welfare benefits being spent on alcohol and strippers. I’m shocked!

Of course, there’s no way to track how much money is withdrawn from banks, then stuffed into stripper’s G-strings, or used to get tipsy. It also doesn’t track how much is spent on designer clothing, LED TV’s, video game systems, or the latest new product from Apple.

The very suggestion that the “poor” might be misusing our tax dollars is enough to send the typical liberal into a frenzy. For some, they’re so out of touch that they can’t fathom that someone could be playing the system. For others, they’re afraid that the constituency they bought and paid for will be further exposed.

Not everyone who receives help is misusing the funds, but I do feel comfortable guessing that a large number of welfare recipients are receiving money to which they are not entitled. To deny that there is fraud is disingenuous.