Al Gore misses an opportunity to pay more taxes

vice president Al Gore
Tax bill: Everything is A-ok with Al Gore!

Current TV, which is partially owned by former Vice President Al Gore, was sold to Al Jazeera, in a deal that is reportedly worth $500 million. Gore owns 20% of Current TV, so his stake is worth approximately $100 million.

The deal was reportedly rushed through to avoid the tax increases that are scheduled to hit in 2013. A day or two more, and Al Gore and his partners would have lost millions of dollars.

I’m surprised Al didn’t insist on closing the deal after January 1st, so he could pay additional taxes on the sale of his liberal laugher that nobody seems to watch. Al is wealthy, didn’t he get the memo about the rich needing to pay their fair share? Doesn’t he know that we need the revenue to increase spending so we can stimulate the economy? Doesn’t he listen to our economic savior, Barack Hussein Obama?

Just an aside: Who the heck wants to watch a news channel owned by Al Jazeera? Am I the only one who doesn’t want to watch a channel owned by a foreign government?